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Smart LED Bulb duly control with Wifi on your smartphones gives you ease to switch on and off Cheap Price Smart LED Bulb 60 Watts Online Smart Lights

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Smart LED Blub
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First you need to download and install “Smart Life” APP from App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. You can also Install this app on your tablet.

If you want to turn on the smart bulb and start flashing, you need to connect bulb to wifi (2.4GHz) accordingly.

Then, according to your mood and preferences, use the setting, set your favorite color theme, mode and other settings.

Smart LED Bulb Color

If you turn on the smart bulb and it’s always light

Then you need to turn off and turn on, wait for a second, similarly, again turn it off, turn on wait for one second than leave it on

After a few seconds it should start blinking rapidly. Thereafter you can connect  your smart bulb to WiFi accordingly.


After connecting the smart bulb to your Wifi settings, you adjust following:
Devices: Set/Adjust the brightness of the bulb, color, scene mode according to your mood and preferences, you can also set the timer

Scenes: DIY personal scenes available. Bulb will auto turn off when you go outside of your home and it will also auto turn on when you awake or enter your home with combine timer setting

Profile Settings: You can also share devices with other family members, integration Amazon echo, Google home and IFTTT and other functions

Accordingly, you can also adjust and set up groups for long-range control.

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Important Guidelines

Quick turning on / off the power switch three (3) times, will reset the device

For the first time, smart bulbs use of wifi connection, then through wifi and cellphone traffic can be control

Dimmer switch cannot be use to control the smart light bulb

Input voltage: AC100-240V
Power: 7W
Luminous flux: 600 Lumens
Dimmable: YES
Color temperature: 6000K
Color: Red, Green, Blue (RGB) + White (W)
Wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Light interface: E27/E26

Smart LED Blub

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