7 Different Reasons For Excessive Sweating in the Human Body

Reasons for excessive sweating in Night

Find out 7 Different Reasons For Excessive Sweating in the Human Body. These Reasons Excessive Sweating can Cause Various Diseases in the Humans.

Reasons For Excessive Sweating

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Although sweating is a natural process that helps keep the body cool, it can feel bad if you are sweating more than other people. But why this happens and why some people sweat too much. When they are in the same environment? The reason for this is according to various medical research reports. Experts have explained the reasons for this.

1. Low blood sugar

By the way, excessive sweating can be the result of various reasons, but many times it is due to the very low blood sugar level, in cases when the weather is not too hot, the blood sugar level is low. Having these symptoms such as excessive appetite, mental distress, dizziness and vision problems show low blood sugar in the body.

2. Mental stress

Many times, the result of mental stress is increased sweating, stress and anxiety not only negatively affect the body but also give a warning in the form of sweating, usually when people with stress. Sweating smells great because it contains a mixture of fat and protein with bacteria on the skin.

Serious illness Symptoms

3. Thai Ride Issue

If the thyroid gland becomes too vibrant and too much thyroid hormone begins to form, it can result in many symptoms in the body, such as nervousness or mental confusion, etc., but it also causes a lot of sweating. This is a sign that a doctor should now be referred to.

 4. The first sign of a heart attack

If you have sudden sweating, it may be the first sign of a heart attack or an indication of some type of heart disease, if you are suspected of a heart attack, call for medical help as soon as possible. Even if there is a feeling of discomfort in the chest with excessive sweating, it can still be a sign of serious heart disease.

 5. Bacterial or viral infections

If there is a fever with excessive sweating, it can be a signal of malaria or TB, the fever is the result of a change in the body temperature during which the brain automatically raises the body temperature to some extent.

6. Gastrointestinal motility

Hyperhidrosis is a symptom of excessive sweating. It removes a lot of sweat on the entire body or certain parts, such as the hands, palms, soles of the feet, face, chest, etc., while the rest of the body is expelled normally. According to research, it is not yet known why some people suffer from it, just speculate that certain glands become more active. The disorder can occur at any age and at any moment, but most adults are more prone to it, but older and older children can also suffer from it.

 7. Side effect of medicines

Excessive sweating can also potentially lead to drug use, not to be frightened, but a common side effect caused by the use of various drugs such as antibiotics, blood pressure medications, etc.

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