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Philippine is located in Southeast Asia only country in that region with no
boundaries to neighbors.

It had a rich culture in past and trading with the neighboring Chinese and

Philippine is the third largest country in the world which is known as English speaking.

Philippines Travel Guide - beaches in Philippines near manila
beaches in philippines near manila – digital mind blog

More than 10 English national newspapers, several national television stations along with hundreds of cable TV stations.

Manila is will be the first stop for many visitors land first time in Philippines.

It was also known as former Spanish, and a Latino vibe still present in its culture. 

There are more than 7000 islands to choose from where to start your journey and explore the beauty.

Still it is very difficult to point out and visit any single location in the country.

Philippines will be your number one visit destination for its rice terraces, clean waters, white sand beaches, mountains and much more.

This Philippines travel guide provides each and everything you required to know while traveling this country.

Philippines visa

Philippines visa on arrival
philippines visa on arrival

Normally, it is very easy to get visit and business visa in Philippines if you are not in the blacklisted country.

Citizens of various countries may also enter visa-free for 30 days.

You must have a valid passport for six months after arriving and proof of return passage. 

Visa information can be obtained from the Ministry of Tourism Philippines and some important tips.

Philippines Travel Seasons

Summer Seasons

If you plan to visit between March to May, you can experience over dry heat weather in the Philippines.

This period is the hottest time in the whole year along with summer vacations in schools.

Not only foreigners also locals peoples in Philippine try to visit beautiful place like Palawan, Boracay in country.

This is typically the time when families plan for outing and weekend trips.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season usually starts from June to October in Philippines with huge quantity of rain showers.

Accordingly, in this duration country experiences numerous typhoons and floods in various cities.

It is highly recommended do not visit in the specific time of rains.

Tip: You must bring lightweight cotton clothing along with rainwear, particularly visiting monsoon season.

Winter Season

Generally, cold season starts in the country from the mid of November to February.

Temperature remain between 25°C to 38°C in the winter season, it is still remain hot for visitors from Europe.

Transport in Philippines

Various airports are operational in Philippines for commercial and international flights from world.

Although to land in Philippines Manila and Cebu are the two main airports choices for international travelers.

Manila Airport (MNL) – NAIA is in the capital therefore busiest airport to handle hundred and thousands visitors.

You can choose your destination with cheap airlines services to move from one location to another.

Since the country is divided in islands, so moving from one part to another is never easy and simple.

Travelers can also use sea from Manila to other seaside cities though ferries.

Jeepneys and buses are normally used for local transportation with very cheap rate.

Philippines Currency

Philippines Currency
Philippines Currency

Peso is the Philippine currency, which easily can obtain and change from airport and also from any currency exchange.

You can also withdraw amount from any ATM card from various bank.


Philippines travel Accommodation
philippines accommodation

Accommodation in the Philippines will be major problem for visitors mostly people may worried where to stay.  

Accommodation prices depend where you want to stay and how long you want to stay.

There are various hostels and rent places in Manila that are good and not very expensive.

Hotels with luxurious facilities, deluxe and twin room are available in the cities.

Normally they will charge for a clean and air-conditioned room from $10 to $20.

However, rent or prices can be increase in peak seasons.

Philippines Travel Food

Below is the famous food in Philippines; however it will be without any spice.

Adobo chicken is the most famous meal you should try in the Philippines.

Kare Kare is made with different kind of vegetables simmered oxtail and peanut sauce.

Halo halo is the delicious dessert and also famous in the Philippines. It is made with evaporated milk and ice shavings.

Sinigang stew is local dish made with a lot of vegetables and meat based sour.

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