Large Golf Umbrella Best Double Canopy Golf Umbrellas

Large Golf umbrella is commonly use in golf games. Key function is to protect players from the light of sun and also from rain.

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This is an important gear of every golf player’s bag and can keep them safe from the weather during play.

There are different types of golf umbrellas available are used but mostly, large umbrellas are used with double canopy.

Following are some important features of golf umbrellas

1. Size of Golf Umbrella

The size of golf umbrella depends on what and how you want the umbrella to cover the space.

There are different golf umbrellas from sizes 30 to 70 inches.

If you want a small size umbrella 30 inches is an ideal choice for single person.

Similarly, if you want to protect your golf bag along with yourself than large size golf umbrella is perfect choice.

With the size of 60 inches and above can easily cover many persons with bags.

2. Weight of Golf Umbrella

Weight of an umbrella is also very important, because you need to carry it along with your golf bag.

In this case lightweight frame of an umbrella can help you take it along you with ease.

Mostly, fiberglass is being used in the frame while manufacturing of lightweight umbrella.

Mostly big brands use fiberglass as the material as it is durable, however lightweight.

Fiberglass is additionally impervious to helping. Fiberglass is additionally entirely adaptable.

A pole and spreaders made of steel isn’t your most logical option as it is substantial and certainly not protected if there should arise an occurrence of lightning.

Elastic and graphite are different materials used to make golf umbrellas shafts.

3. Wind-tested of Golf Umbrella

Most of the time in duration of a golf match wind blown up and this case a strong grip umbrella can help you.

Golf umbrellas are usually being tested to provide resistance against during high speed winds.

In this case, double canopy feature can prevent umbrellas from blown up.

4. Handle of Golf Umbrella

In matches, golf umbrellas are often required to be gripped for long time due to the extreme weather conditions.

Uncomfortable hand grip of an umbrella can cause your hand to pain.

Accordingly, handle should be wide and allows you a firm grip.

5. Open and closing of Umbrella

An auto-open feature is a more in demand and also desired for many golfers. It makes them easy to press a single button to open and close.

It will provide you instant cover in case you are experience of an unexpected shower.

6. Different Color

You should be unmistakable on a green to counteract the conceivable outcomes of damage. In this way, a light shading invalidates the point.

A splendid shaded umbrella will ensure you are obvious on a shady day or when lighting is low.

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