Is Sugar Poison To The Body – Diseases caused by Sugar

Is Sugar Poison To The Body? What are the Disadvantages of Sugar Consumption in the Human Body and Diseases caused by the Sugar

Is sugar poisoned? It depends on how much sugar a person consumes on average on a daily basis.

Is Sugar Poison To The Body

Find out more about is sugar poison to the body here in this article.

According to the World Health Organization has deemed 25 grams of sugar a day for health, but on average, every person has 62 grams of this poison every day.

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However, do you know how our body stores this high amount of sugar? Otherwise, it would be difficult to get away from the desert without it.

Diseases caused by Sugar to the Body

Sugar makes the body prone to diabetes.

According to a medical study, the risk of diabetes increases by 1.1% if a person gains an extra 150 calories on the go.

Sugar is devastating for the heart

If you avoid sugar just to avoid diabetes, you are actually protecting your heart, as there is a link between heart disease and diabetes.

The leading cause of death among cardiovascular and stroke diabetes type 2 sufferers.

Sugar transmits fat to the organs

Stress on the arteries of the blood with sugar.

The use of sugar increases blood insulin, which has an effect on the body’s blood circulation system and arteries, due to the high amount of insulin, the circulation of the cells in the arteries is faster than normal, which causes the artery walls to rise.

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It increases stress and the risk of stroke or stroke after suffering from hypertension.

The risk of type 3 diabetes

During one study the term type 3 diabetes was used, which links insulin resistance, high-fat diets and Alzheimer’s, which is actually the name of Alzheimer’s disease digestive tract.

It damages the brain’s ability to produce glucose and energy, which can also be called cerebral diabetes.

Sugar poison increases your appetite

Sugar poison increases the sensation of hunger within you. Too much sugar affects the brain’s ability to fill the stomach, resulting in a person feeling hungry all the time, even if he or she was over-eating.

Sugar Increase energy loss in the body

Have you ever realized that as you eat a chocolate bar, an energy wave builds up inside you and then soon you begin to feel tired?

In fact, after eating sugar, the body begins to demand more sugar and this cycle continues.

As a result, you may feel depleted of physical energy until you eat something sweet.

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Sugar causes cholesterol

There is a relationship between sugar and cholesterol, according to a study that shows that people who consume more sugar increase diabetes and obesity as well as high levels of cholesterol, which is harmful to the body while it is in the blood.

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