How to Pole Dance | Learn How to Pole Dance at Home

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How to Pole Dance
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Pole dance is the dance which combines acrobatics and dance moves together with a straight vertical bar.

This art of performance is getting famous and gaining popularity mostly in females as for fitness concern.

With the increase in demand of pole dance different health and fitness clubs train beginners.

This dancing practice is full of fun workout at home or gym can give you a sexy look and make you fit.

Pole Dance Workout

It also helps you to build muscle and improve your confidence to wear anything you like.

But before starting dancing on pole make it quite sure that pole has been installed correctly.

1. Location

Different gyms offers Pole dancing classes near your place in very creative way to get you fit.

You can search fitness center are famous in pole dancing classes near you location.

There are also individuals teaching classes online through their videos tutorials and similarly in gyms.

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However, if you still unable to find reputable training center near your place its recommended to start activity at home.

2. Pole Dance at home

Starting pole dance at home is not difficult, practicing at home will give comfort and freedom.

For practice install a pole with care at your home, and it should be fixed on both ends.

There should always be some extra space around vertical bar to perform your moves freely and easily.

3. Dance Wear

To start practice, wear clothes which are comfortable and also expose your body parts like arms and legs.

It will allow you to get grip on pole with your arms and legs so they can move easily and safely.

You can also use heels if you can manage and feel comfortable and want to feel sexy.

If you are new in this dancing try to use sneakers to get smooth and good grip on the floor.

You can also try bear foot in starting.

3. Avoid moisturizing body

Try to avoid putting any moisturizer, oil or lotion on your hands, arms or body before start practicing dance.

This can effect you slide from the vertical bar and it also can be dangerous.

Try to clean or wipe the pole before you start.

4. Warm up your body

Normally before starting any exercise you warm up your body similarly before starting stretching is necessary.

In this connection, you can stand and then bend your body downwards to touch your feet.

Try to pull back fingers with palms facing away from you to make stretch your hands and wrists.

Your hands, fingers and wrists will also need to warm up to gain strong grip.

Wrap and Around Move

1. Hold the Pole with your hand

Start standing behind the pole on the side of your hand. Try to position inside foot near to the bottom of the pole.

Use your hand to hold the pole about your head height.

Keep your arm to straight in this case your weight will hanging away from it.

2. Try to swing around pole

Try to keep outside leg straight as much as you can. Swing your leg out to the side and step around pole, swing on inside foot same time.

Allow knee to bend little bit while you turn to make the move more graceful.

3. Hook pole with leg

Put outside foot downwards and behind the other foot. Accordingly, shift weight to your back foot, hook inside leg around the pole.

Try to make sure you hold good and tight grip behind knee.

4. Try to Arch body backward side

Arch body backward side, by lowering hand to make a deep arch.

In this connection, arch back only if you feel comfortable by doing this move.

Normal Climb

1. Stand and Warp the pole 

Stand near the pole and hold it with hand now bring up the same side of leg as you holding pole with hand.

Place your foot on one side of the pole as your knee on the other side of the pole.

Use this leg to Anchor your body to the pole and create base for other foot to land on it correctly.

2. Warp pole with other leg

Slightly, pull up your body with hands and swing free leg around, and try to make a hook back of foot behind first foot.

Put your knee on the pole, so you would have a great grip on pole with both knees.

It will create a platform for you to use for climb up the pole.

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