How To Open Door Lock (Easy Steps)

How To Open Door Lock of Your Room Without Key in Easy and Simple Steps. There are Different Ways How To Open Door Lock in Simple Tricks

Door locks provide us the security to our place and peace but they can also create problems of us.

In this article, you will find different methods of unlocking doors if you are facing unlock door problem at home.

How To Open Door Lock

A situation can be different for you, it can be the door of your bedroom, bathroom, or even your car.

When you are facing the problem to open the door without keys, therefore, you need assistance in this matter.

Door Lock Types

There are different door lock types, not all the door locks are the same in design and in technique to unlock.

Each and every company tries to make the best door locks and present in the market for your user.

In this way, they make the door looks with extra security features not to break it easily.

1. Padlocks

Padlocks are very common type of locks are designed in a different range of sizes.

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Therefore, they are portable and easy to carry out and recognizable used in daily life.

Padlocks are designed in two variants one is called combination and the other is called key of the lock.

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Combination locks open when the correct combination is pressed, usually, they have more than one combination.

Padlocks are usually come up with two types like key-retaining and also non-key retaining.

In non-key retaining, you cannot change the key which opens the door.

A key-retaining padlock does not allow the key to be removed while the padlock is open.

2. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are installed on external doors of house or office and have few advance options as compared to padlocks.

Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm

These deadbolts have three primary varieties: single deadbolts, double deadbolts, and lockable thumb turn.

Single deadbolts use a key on the outside and inside to open or close the lock of the door.

Whereas double deadbolt uses a key cylinder inside and outside of the door to solve the problem.

The last type of deadbolt is called hybrid deadbolt and lockable thumb turn. It has a thumb turn on the inside.

3. Knob Locks

Knob locks are installed in residential areas especially on doors also use as extra security of the house.

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Although, they are not enough to secure the doors because the lock cylinder remains is in the knob and not the door.

These types of knob locks can be easily broken with just a hammer or a wrench behind the knob.

4. Lever handle locks

Lever handle locks are mostly used for doors in commercial settings like offices.

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The process is very simple and easy to open, push down style handle rather turn the knob.

Here are a few methods and tricks that can be helpful in unlocking the doors of your house.

Simple Ways to Open Door Lock without Key

If you want to know how to open the door look without key here are few steps you need to follow to open door lock without a key.

1. Debit or Credit Card

You can open the locked door with a card. Here you only need just a simple credit or debit card.

This process is not working for the deadbolts however, it can only work for spring locks.

There is a force between the lock and the frame of the door, try to flush against the frame.

Now you need to bend it back and force the lock back into the door by opening it.

In case, there is no room available between the lock and the frame of the door, you need to force it between the door frame.

Try to swipe the card quickly down to the frame of the lock.

2. With A Screwdriver

In this method, you will know how to open a locked door with a screwdriver.

This technique will work on doors locks that have privacy handles by pushing button on the door handle.

Only you need to find the tiny hole on the doorknob and push this with a screwdriver or knife into the hole.

Now you need to push straight and try to twist until it can turn and your look will open.

3. Open Locked Door By Removing Hinge Pins

In this method, you can use a screwdriver, by placing it in between the bottom pin and knuckle.

Now you need to tap handle of screwdriver downward with the use of a hammer.

Here you can remove pin and head when they are loose enough to open.

4. Open Door with Hammer

In this process to open the door with a hammer, you have to focus to break the door look with the use of a hammer.

However, this can be the last step if you have tried other door lock methods to open it.

Only you need to bash hammer downward direction until lock or doorknob breaks from the door.

5. Open a Locked Door With a Paperclip

If you are looking at how to open a locked door with a paperclip? is it possible? the answer is yes!

You can use the paperclip to open the locked door of your bedroom or bathroom.

This process is very easy and simple, you only required two things to open a lock with a paper clip.

One is the wrench and paperclips to open the lock.

First, you have to straight the paperclips with the help of a tension wrench and unfold all the edges of a paperclip.

6. Open A Locked Door With A Knife

If you are looking at how to open a locked door with a knife, here I will explain how you open a locked door with the help of a knife.

In this process to open a lock of a door is to manipulate the inside shape of the lock to pop out button back out.

However, you can use a butter knife to open the lock of your door.

7. Open A Locked Door With A Bobby Pin

By the use of a Bobby pin, you can also open a locked door with few simple steps.

These steps you teach you how to open a locked door of your bedroom and bathroom with a bobby pin.

Bobby pins can work with most door locks, where you can insert the key into the doorknob.

Accordingly, insert two points of a bobby pin into the lock of the door hold it until you feel pressure on pin.

Try to continue the pressure to wiggle and make it a turn in the lock. 

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