How To Make Money By Clickbank

How To Make Money By Clickbank Learn through Step by step guide for beginners to start making money from Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Program in 2019

Selling other people’s products online is the one of the easiest way to make money online.

This kind of practice is known as affiliate marketing, selling digital products online.

In this case, selling others people’s products gives you commission on each and every sale.

Generally, you have to find an interesting online product in which people or vendor has interest.

If you are new in the field of affiliate marketing and want to earn passive income from home.

This step by step guide will teach you how to start money online with click bank.

What is Clickbank and How to Make Money?

Clickbank is known as biggest affiliate network having a huge list of digital products, videos, software, e-books etc.

How To Make Money By Clickbank

In this case you need to set up things by using Clickbank’s affiliate program.

Later, clickbank will add your product in their list of marketplace, in this case, affiliates can see your product to promote.

Similarly, vendor can track and trace the transaction through unique links and cookies to know from where sales are coming.

How to signup Clickbank Account?

Registration on Clickbank is free, everyone has email account can signup their account as an affiliate.

There you need to click on the crate account on right corner of the page.

After clicking “Create Account” button in the top right corner, it will lead to the page to put your information.

Accordingly, you need to enter you personal information and than you will click on next button.

Similarly, on the next page you have to provide you banking information and press next step button.

Lastly, you have to enter account information in accordance to create account on Clickbank.

Click submit button after filling all your relevant information in the required fields. 

In order to complete your registration, ClickBank will automatically send an email for confirmation.

Therefore you need to click on the confirmation link to complete the process. 

Clickbank is a legit source to earn money online recommending readers with different products.

Clickbank Benefits

1. Verity of Different Products

Being remaining in the affiliate market since years, clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate network.

Therefore, they provide the huge list of digital products, e-books, courses which gives affiliates chance to promote more

2. Affiliate Commission Rate

Mostly products listed on ClickBank have 70%+ commission on each sale.

Similarly if you sell any item of $100 you will be rewarded $70 of this product which is very high commission.

Digital products don’t required production cost therefore they have very high commissions on sale.

3. Weekly Pay outs

One of the benefits of affiliate on clickbank is, they pay you on weekly and biweekly.

Especially many other affiliate networks pay on net 30 days time, in this case you have to wait till the end of the month.

Minimum payout is $50, you can receive it with Payoneer, by direct deposit in your bank account or check.

4. New Affiliates friendly

Clickbank is also very friendly with newbies in field of affiliate marketing, even a beginner can start from here.

Selection of Product on Clickbank

Here are some important points you need to follow before selection of a product on Clickbank:

In accordance with selection of product on clickbank you need to decide to chose the right niche related to your promotions.

If you have a blog or youtube channel related to niche of Health & Fitness than your products should be like How to lose belly fast at home

Similar products related to health and fitness.

After selection of your niche related to your blog or youtube channel next thing is to chose a product.

There are a lot of digital products, guides and health related items are available so you need to sort them.

One common method is sort the product or item with gravity, mostly 30+ gravity refers a product is good

Still higher the gravity can’t ensure the sale of this product.

The other way is to sort a product with popularity, in this way you can also select the item.

After selection of item, you need to click the promote button besides the product.

A pop up window will open to generate a hop link, this will be your affiliate like to promote your product.

You can short this ugly hop by using link shortener.

How To Promote Clickbank Products

There are different methods are use to promote products to make money by Clickbank

1. Sending Traffic to Direct Link

One of the simplest method is send your traffic or audience to your affiliate link.

Although in some cases it works well, but still it is not recommended step to follow.

The reason is because user will not buy your product instantly, you need to guide them the features of product.

It will be more appropriate if you create a review post on your blog or just upload a review video on youtube channel

You can insert your affiliate link in your post and end of the description of your video.

A better approach is to create a landing page review the offer and redirect visitors to sales page.

Similarly, you can get their name and email address for email marketing.

For this purpose you can create an opt-in forms to grab email address of the visitors have shown interest in your product.

Subsequently, you need to send them email to follow up until they purchase your product.

2. How to Promote Clickbank Products on Google with Website or Blog

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is use to rank your website or blog in search engine result pages.

Basically, it is a long term strategy and you have to wait for 2-4 months to get traffic on your website organically.

SEO is a free process to rank your website organically in search engine and requires minimum efforts.

The one drawback of search engine optimization, it is very slow process, you need to wait months to get first sale.

2. Google Ads

As i described above search engine optimization requires time to rank your position in result pages.

There are several factors that are involved to rank at top position of google, not all are familiar with search engine optimization.

Therefore, you can use Google Ads to promote your clickbank product and get traffic.

The good thing is that if you run a campaign your post will show in top of the search results.

With this method you can get more traffic to your website and hence you can get sales.

1. Promote Clickbank Products without a website

If you don’t have any website related, still you can promote your clickbank products Free Online without website.

In this case you need to create landing pages, its very easy to create landing pages for clickbank promotions.

Following are the best ways to promote clickbank products without a website:

1. Facebook

Facebook is great source of traffic for promotion of any product related to affiliate marketing.

Create your facebook account free and complete your profile.

After completion of profile you can create facebook pages and groups.

Facebook Pages

You can find Facebook pages related to your niche and look for the people interesting in that particular niche.

For example if you want to promote a product related to Singing than you need to find the top pages related to Singing or How to learn Singing etc.

Here you will find the audience has interest in singing, somehow they want to learn how they can learn singing.

Therefore, they can be your targeted audience to promote your product.

You can also create your own facebook page according to your niche. In this case you need to grow you page accordingly.

Make sure that Facebook is really strict to affiliate products, you can be banned or page be deleted in case of violations of their policies.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are also full of your targeted audience, there are hundreds of Facebook Groups.

Only you need to find the facebook group which has a huge number of active members.

After getting approval from the admin of the group you can post in the group.

Keep in mind that after getting approval in a particular group, you should not spam your affiliate link.

Initially, best way is to drive attention of group members to your product.

For example if you are promoting a product of singing, you can post in group as “Here i found Secrets of Best Singing” if you are interested type Yes in comments.

If they reply to your post, simply message them individually and tell them about your product.

In this way you can get sale through facebook groups.

Facebook Ads

Although, facebook is really strict to affiliate products but somehow you can promote your clickbank products with facebook ads.

First you need to find highest paying offers that can make the high commission on Clickbank.

Now you have to create a landing page, install Facebook Pixel on the landing page to track users and traffic interact with ads.

Get data of your potential customers using Similar Web or Facebook Audience Insights to setting up the campaign.

Run your campaign starting from $5–10, and when you succeed a sale in campaign, you can scale up the budget.

Attention: As i explained earlier it is not easy to promote you clickbank products with facebook ads.

Chances are you be banned from facebook. Make sure you have experience in running facebook ads.

One other simple method is offer users free ebooks to download and in return you ask them from their email.

After building email list you can contact potential users directly by email marketing.

2. Youtube

A lot of people in affiliate marketing usually find How To Make Money By Clickbank with different ways.

Youtube is becoming a big platform in social network sites, different business get viewers interest by using youtube.

Similarly, there are million of users come daily on youtube for their problems and entertainment purpose.

Youtube is the free traffic sources for clickbank products.

In this connection, promoting clickbank products without any website on youtube is a great idea.

Therefore, you need to create a gmail account so you can also create a youtube channel.

After creating channel design your logo and channel art.

Change your youtube channel name in settings.

Creating a Video

For this purpose you need to create your own content, and content must be your own and unique.

Here you need to find a niche and some keywords research before creating a video on youtube.

After keywords research you can create your own video by using Viddyoze Camtasia, Filmora or other video editing software.

Your video should be 5-10 minutes long and covering all points related to the topic.

At the end of the video, you can add Call to Action like find the link in description.

Chances are people come to your video are seeking solution of their problem.

In this case, they will definitely read the description and there you can add your affiliate link.

Creative common videos

This is another way to make a video for clickbank promotion on youtube.

If you cannot make or create your own content on youtube relating to your product.

You can find creative common videos which allows users to re-upload videos on youtube without getting copyright strike.

Find and download all creative common videos and do some editing with softwares.

Use some effects, adjust volume and enter some text to make it different.

Tip: Create a compilation video and upload it again on youtube with an affiliate link in the description.

Use this method with great caution you can get copyright strike on your youtube channel.

Youtube Ads

In order How to make money by clickbank, youtube ads is also a great source of traffic to your affiliate product.

You can find great audience of youtube by creating ads campaign.

Start with low price and after getting sale you can increase your budget.

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