How to Make Eyebrows | Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial for Beginners at Home

How to Make Eyebrows

How to Make Eyebrows Thick with Pencil Brush Makeup Tutorial at Home Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial No Skills Required to Shape Perfect Eyebrows Quickly at Home

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How to Make Eyebrows
How to Make Eyebrows – Digital Mind Blog

1. Determine Eyebrow’s Shape

According to your face shape first off grab a white Kohl pencil to help determine the shape of your eyebrow.

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After determining the shape of the face, first you need to align the makeup pencil with the outer nostril and the inner tear-duct also and that is where the eyebrow is going to start.

Therefore, you need to mark it and similarly do the same thing to the other side.

How to Make Eyebrows Tips

2. Find the Arch

To find the Arch, furthermore, you need to align the makeup pencil with the outer nostril and the outer edge of the iris and that is where your arch should be.

Mark it above and below the brow accordingly.

3. Mark End of Eyebrows

To angle the pencil so that it aligns with the outer nostril and the outer corner of the eye and that is where your eyebrow is going to end.

Similarly, mark it there as well and of course, do the same thing to the other side.

4. Create Guidelines for Tweezing

Subsequently, use brown pencil to create a guideline for tweezing and draw the line right underneath the eyebrow and follow the shape of the white dots.

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Whereas, start plucking everything underneath the brown pencil line.

If it’s your first time tweezing, you can take an ice cube and put it on your lid to numb it a bit before you tweeze, it will reduce the pain a bit.

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Brush the hairs in place and tweezing any stray hairs whereas, you can even use the spoolie to lift up the hair.

In this connection, you can see below the arch and the brown line you drew.

How to Make Eyebrows at home

Accordingly, you can tweeze on the line as well, make sure not to go past the brown line or it will caused over-tweezing.

Take a regular powder brush and just brush the hair off, do the exact same thing to the other side of your eyebrow.

6.Moisturize the Top of brows  

Prepping that area by applying lotion to it, this will lubricate the skin so that you will avoid cutting yourself with the razor.

7.Shave Top of Brows

In this case, shave the top of your brows and do it downward for a really clean look.

When you’re shaping eyebrows in the same direction of the hair growth and just shape it nicely.

If you have thicker eyebrows you may need to adjust it with scissors or otherwise.

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8.Create a High Arch

In the meantime to create a high arch, just lift the hairs and pluck underneath not from above.

Generally, this will give your eyebrow more of a lift.

9. Fill Eyebrows

Therefore, you need to fill it in with a brown pencil and do short strokes. Use the end of the pencil which owns a brush out the pencil and feather out the line.

Accordingly, for natural brows and you can feather it out even more and you can even have them a little bit thicker.

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