How to Learn Piano by Yourself (Beginner’s Guide)

How to Learn Piano by Yourself Find out More In depth Information and Secrets How to Learn Yourself Piano Skills on Keyboard At Home Beginners Guide

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How to Learn Piano by Yourself

Learn Piano Yourself Online

Teach Yourself Piano Online Free is not a difficult job however, you need to find the ways where you can Teach yourself Piano Free Online.

There are some free methods like Youtube Videos Tutorials, Learning Exercises and Mobile Apps.

So You don’t need a teach if you are willing to learn it for free.

Have you ever tried to figure out How to Learn Piano by Yourself? on internet Perhaps you improvise?

In this article Teach Yourself Piano Skills will guide you to get familiar with basic of jazz piano, blues piano, gospel piano etc.

Mostly people ask can i learn piano online or how to sing at home and the answer is Yes! You can do it at home without any teacher.

However, the best practice to learn piano is always from an instructor or teacher.


Here are the few requirements to start your piano journey as a beginner in the field of Music:

1. Find a Piano or Keyboard

Before start learning the piano lessons, you must have your own piano or keyboard where you can practice.

If you don’t have your own piano at home you can ask from your friends, family friends, school fellows.

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It will be the right approach if you can’t afford to buy or purchase a piano or keyboard.

In case you cannot find piano or keyboard in your family and friends,try to find the places where you can get it on rent.

However, if you can afford to purchase a new piano before start learning you can get it in different prices.

But before purchasing any equipment you must know the types of piano and keyboards.

There are the following Two types of Piano:

Digital Pianos:

Generally, Digital piano is not like the same as a keyboard. It has better sound results with full range of 88 keys.

Although, Electronic keyboards are smaller in size and have less keys, it can also connect to computers via cables. 

Digital Pianos do not required to be tuned whereas, acoustic pianos require tuning after every six months.

Tuning your Acoustic piano can cost you from $100 to $250, can only be done by technician by a registered Piano Company.

Following are few Digital Pianos Models:

Alesis Recital | 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano / Keyboard 

This digital piano will be a good choice for beginners who wants to purchase in affordable price.  

Alesis Recital
Alesis Recital

This is known as the ultimate beginners digital piano which combines the features of a digital piano with a keyboard.

Price of Alesis Recital is around 180$ to 200$.

It has five premium voices full-size, semi-weighted keys and built-in speakers.

Yamaha P71

This is also a digital piano having 88 fully weighted keys, 10 different voices.

Yamaha P71
Yamaha P71

It also allows you to combine two Voices together have a builtin feature.

Price of this Digital Piano starts from 350 $ to 450$.

Yamaha YDP 103

This looks similar to an acoustic piano, here you will find weighted action key is heavier than low keys.

Yamaha YDP 103
Yamaha YDP 103

It can connect to the Controller App for iOS devices, dual Mode features allows you to combine two Voices together.

However, this type of piano is weight over 100 pounds which makes it hard to move from one place to another.

Price range is in between 450 $ to 1000$.

Acoustic pianos

Acoustic piano is the traditional heavier type of instrument is used since long time.

Function are bit different whereas, sounds are created when the hammer hits a string through vibrations.

These piano types are expensive, however, there is a huge difference in playing digital and acoustic piano.

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2. Learn Basics of Piano Playing

After getting piano or keyboard next thing is get familiar with basic of piano and keyboard.

First you need to look and listen the flat keys, middle keys, sharp keys, high tones and bass.

You must also learn where middle C key is, it is the home base of learning piano.

To locate and find middle C, position yourself at the center of your keyboard.

Black keys are normally arranged in the sets of two and three. 

Middle C is the white key, left of the two black grouped keys near the center of the keyboard.

You can place right thumb on Middle C key and white note (D) your pointer finger.

Similarly, your middle finger will be on the white note key next to that (E). 

C- D -E- F- G -A- B are the naturals white keys whereas, black keys are called accidentals.

These are make a flat or sharp note when they are pressed.

Each octave has sharp or flat five accidentals.

3. Piano Major Keys

After getting familiar with piano, next thing to get information about piano major keys.

The easiest way to learn major keys is through numbering system, you can easily learn with this method.

You can try in this way (1= middle C, 2=D, 3=E, 4=F, 5=G, 6=A, 7=B, 8= higher C).

One more method which is considerably simple “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” which starts as 3-2-1-2-3-3-3.

The recommended way is you keep play around with major keys until you become familiar with each key.

Focus on notes are in that major key each week and try to memorize it.

Hence, with this practice you will feel comfortable to recognize notes of all major keys. 

Major Scales Piano

What is Scales in Piano and how to learn these scales by practicing.

A scale can be define as a set of musical notes arranged or ordered by frequency or pitch.

Scales are the backbone of musical pieces, providing the harmony and melody.

Generally, there are 12 major scales and around 36 minor scales, having melodic minors, natural minors and harmonic minors.

Major scales are basic of your knowledge to keys and these are the first lessons of piano students.

Middle C is called the easiest scale to start practice because it contains no flats or sharps.

Proper method to place your finger on C Major Scale is to begin with thumb on your right hang on Middle C.

Start playing with the next two D and E notes with second and third fingers of your hand.

Accordingly, cross thumb under your third finger of hand and place it on the next key which is F.

Moreover you can continue scale with your other fingers second, third, fourth and fifth on G, A, B and C with your pinky.

Similarly, you can practice it with your left hand in the same position explained above.

12 Major Scales in piano

Following are 12 Natural Major Scales in Piano

C-Major G-Major, D-Major, A-Major, E-Major, B-Major, F-Major, F-Sharp/G-Flat Major, C-Sharp/D-Flat Major, A Sharp/B-Flat Major, D-Sharp/E-Flat Major, G-Sharp/A-Flat Major

12 Minor Scales in Piano

Following are the 12 Natural Minor Scales in Piano

A Minor A-Sharp/B-Flat Minor, B Minor, C Minor, C-Sharp/D-Flat Minor, D Minor, D-Sharp/E-Flat Minor, E Minor, F Minor, F-Sharp/G-Flat Minor, G Minor, G-Sharp/A-Flat Minor

Piano Chords for beginners

Even though you are beginner in piano playing and not recognize the piano chords, its not very difficult to identify them.

If you familiar with music you would also know that there are two Chords one is called major and other is minor.

Songs are usually composed of different variations of chords but they are composed in the same intervals.

To identify the notes that composed the chords is very crucial when you are figuring out a song.

Therefore, you have to learn how to play basic chords in piano and need to find out where they are located.

By playing piano you would get know the key sound looks like even if you don’t know the chord’s name.

Major chords use root, third and fifth keys whereas Minor chords use the root, flat third and fifth key accordingly.

Basic major and minor piano chords list is down below of each key:

Key: C

Chords in the key of C are C F G Am

Notes of the C chord: C E G , Notes of the F chord: F A C , Notes of the G chord: G B D, Notes of the Am chord: A C E

Key: D

Chords in the key of D are D G A Bm

Notes of the D chord: D F# A, Notes of the G chord: G B D, Notes of the A chord: A C# E, Notes of the Bm chord: B D F#

Key: F

Chords in the key of F are F Bb C Dm

Notes of the F chord: F A C, Notes of the Bb chord: Bb D F, Notes of the C chord: C E G, Notes of the Dm chord: D F A

Key: G

Chords in the key of G are G C D Em

Notes of the G chord: G B D, Notes of the C chord: C E G, Notes of the D chord: D F# A, Notes of the Em chord: E G B

Key: A

Chords in the key of A are A D E F#m

Notes of the A chord: A C# E, Notes of the D chord: D F# A, Notes of the E chord: E G# B, Notes of the F#m chord: F# A C#

Key: E

Chords in the key of E are E A B C#m

Notes of the E chord: E G# B, Notes of the A chord: A C# E, Notes of the B chord: B D# F#, Notes of the C#m chord: C# E G#

After getting practice in 12 major and 12 minor chords, you can move next level of advanced chords.

4. Patterns in Music

While playing piano you will notice that there are patterns, songs do have chords that repeat themselves again and again.

These are really important if you are practice to learning the read sheet music.

If you get started identifying patterns in the songs, it will become easier for you to learn how to play.

With this thing, if you note patterns, you can learn baselines and melodies of songs.

Each and every song has its own unique patterns, these music patterns are called as music’s vocabulary.

Whenever you listen music just try to find and notice its patterns, try to play those patterns on piano.

With this practice you will be able to know which chords are combined with others in the melody.

This practice helps you to determine how baselines and melodies are constructed with each other.

Accordingly, you can create your own by practicing this.

5. Finger Placement For Piano

Finger placement is really important in learning piano, you must know when and where your fingers move in playing piano.

The best way to learn scales for proper finger placement on the piano, just Start with major scales, then move to the minor scales.

Scale on the right hand will start use the fingers like 1-2-3-1-2-3-4-5 and coming back with sequance 5-4-3-2-1-3-2-1.

Always try to make sure your thumb should cross under third finger to play the second 1 on scale.

Therefore, when coming back the scale, at second 3 cross over your third finger with you thumb.

First try to teach with your right hand and later with the left hand, before starting playing with both hands.

This practice will make you comfortable in moving and proper finger placement for sheet music and songs books.

6. Finger Placement on Piano Exercise

Here are they few finger placement exercise for piano playing. If you are a beginners these online finger placement on piano exercise will help you in this matter.


It is not simple and easy to learn to read music in just few days and without practice, its an ongoing process you need to focus.

DataDragon is the website where you can get help and learn time signatures, different lessons and much more.

Hanon exercises

It’s also a music related website for beginners to learn proper music especially piano.

Here you will find different exercises for new comers and want to learn piano.

In start you will get 20 piano lessons where you can get start up information and finger placements.

You can also download exercises of piano in PDF format you will be easy to practice it offline.


Its also a very good platform for the piano lovers in beginner stage. Only you need to signup to get instant access free.

7. How Read Music

Next step is to be an expert in reading music which is the key to teach how to play the piano yourself .

This is not really hard to read music if you already understand the basic of piano playing.

You need to learn first the name of left hand and thereafter you can learn the name of right hand staff.

Moreover, you must also know how to read the rhythm in the melody, the easiest way is to concentrate on the notes.

8. Best Apps For Learning Piano

Here you will also find Best Apps for Learning Piano for Android and IOS. These apps for piano learning are design to teach students easily.

Mostly these Piano learning apps are developed for both android and ios so you can easily download in your mobile phones.

Some apps in list are free and other do take charges to download.

These mobile apps will help you to learn how to read chords and music, build technique to track progress.

1. Note Quest: Learn Music Fast

Note Quest is best piano app only available for IOS currently not available on android.

You must have have an iphone, iPad to download this piano learning app in your mobile.

This app helps all age group people to learn all the notes required to become keyboard or piano player.

However, app is level based sequence which provides fun and piano practice at the same time.

The app is simple to use and also provides helps the users to learn the notes quickly on keyboard.

Buy using this app you will get introduction of notes of keyboard and lessons that are designed for beginners.

2. Mussila Music School

Mussila Music School is also a popular piano learning app particularly for children to learn basics of music.

This app is free and available for Android and IOS. You can easily download in your mobile phone.

Here you can also record your own music, melodies along with play piano notes.

This app is based levels and the player progresses through building skills in each level.

3. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano by JoyTunes is also famous for Piano learning and available on both iOS and Android.

This app is also free to download on Android and ipad. Perfectly designed for beginners and also for advanced students.

Here you will get basics, how to understand the sheet music, gearing up to advanced level playing with both hands.

Here you will learn chords which is very essential if you want to follow your piano learning passion.

4. Flowkey

Flowkey is the easiest learn piano app in the market, this allows you to learn piano easy and simple with the songs you like.

This app is available for IOS and Platform.

App is a series of courses for people are at very beginning stage with more efforts can develop advance piano skills.

5. Baby Piano For Kids & Toddlers

Baby Piano For Kids & Toddlers is a music game app for kids from the age of 1 to 6.

This app can be download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

Our kids game features 5 entertaining and educational activities for toddlers.

Children can play different instruments like drums, piano, flute, guitar, bells, and more.

6. Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele

Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele is designed not only for piano but you can use it also as guitar lessons.

It also free available on google play store and apple play store.

This helps you to build the coordination between songs and speed, with practice mode you can slow down songs .

Accordingly here you can learn songs in different small parts and after getting master you can do whole song.

After completing the level you can proceed further to the next level of learning music. 

7. Magic Piano by Smule

App name Magic Pianoallows students to learn the basics and fundamentals of piano playing .

This is free app can be downloaded and use for Android and IOS devices for free.

Here interested students can learn the basics and fundamentals of piano playing. 

The user can first learn and earn achievements with badges after completing the levels.

9. Teach Yourself Piano Books

There is one more method to learn basics of piano with books are written by different piano experts.

Tech yourself Piano Books, its also very easy way to learn piano playing with Books available in PDF format.

Here are following few books you can get easy access

1. Pianoforall

Pianoforall is one of the most famous online piano courses available for the beginners in the market.

It has helped over 250,000 students around the globe to achieve their dream to learn piano online.

This course has 200 different piano learning lessons videos in simple ways explaining all the details.

Piano for all is designed for the beginners of intermediate level to learn faster as compared to any other method.

The Price of this Pianoforall course is $39.

2. Piano Book for Adult Beginners

Piano Book for Adult Beginners is designed and written by Professor Damon Ferrante.

If you are already struggling in Teach yourself Piano Books Online available in PDF than this book will surely help you.

In this book, he will teach you how to play piano step by step lessons for beginners with 20 videos.

These lessons will expand your interest in piano songs and also improve understanding of music with technique.

Price of the Piano Book for Adult Beginners is only $17.99.

3. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course

Alfred’s Basic Adult All in One Course is developed and designed for the beginning student of piano.

This detailed course provides features like piano hand exercises, finger placement and strengthening drills.

After completion of this piano course you will learn to play music written and concepts.

Price of this Alfred’s Basic Adult All in One Course is $10 to $23.

How To Play Piano Youtube

How to Play Piano Youtube if you are looking to find free source of learning how to play piano youtube.

Your approach is right, Youtube is the second largest search engine and have billions of users daily.

On you you can find different channel owned by musical instructors especially in piano playing.

The Youtube channels can help you a lot in your related search and its also very easy to find the right one.

Also if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money in purchasing any book, course or guide online.

Youtube can solve your problem in this matter.

Here i will give you famous channel where you can get easily Piano Lessons Youtube:

1. ThePianoGuys

ThePianoGuys is very famous and the biggest Youtube channel provide information and teach students.

This channel has more than 6 million subscribers on youtube.

They regularly upload video for their subscribers and provide different covers in each video.

2. Theishter – Animu on Piano

Theishter – Animu on Piano is one of the biggest channel on Youtube and has more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

This channel regularly uploads videos and update on tutorials.

The purpose of this channel is guide the beginners of piano playing field and make expert.


1. How long does it take to learn piano by yourself?

Answer: It totally depends on your interest in learning and also you how long you can learn piano by yourself.

Normally, you can learn piano in the time duration from 6 months to 1 or more years.

It totally depends on your learning skills.

2. What’s the best way to learn piano?

Answer: In this video you will find what is the best ways to learn piano. The creator has provided information regarding best way to learn piano.

3. Can I learn piano without a teacher?

Answer: Yes you can Learn Piano lessons without teacher, if you don’t want a full time teacher to learn piano.

You can learn piano without a teacher online, Youtube videos lessons, Piano learning courses etc.

In this case you need to more focus and determine to your goal of learning piano alone.

4. Is Piano hard to learn by yourself?

Answer: No, Piano is not hard to learn by yourself, in fact, it can be easy if you are really interested in learn piano.

5. Can I tune my piano myself?

Answer: No, You can’t tune piano yourself, its not really easy to tune your piano, in this case you can damage your piano.

Mostly, you need a technician who can tune your piano but it will be very cost effective to tune your piano after 3-4 months.

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How to Learn Piano by Yourself

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