How To Install Tubebuddy Extension Chrome Firefox

How To Install Tubebuddy Extension Chrome Firefox

How To Install Tubebuddy Extension in Google Chrome Firefox Install Tubebuddy Powerful Youtube SEO Tool Rank No. 1 Increase Views Subscribers Video Tags

YouTube is playing a vital role giving chance to creators to present their best through videos on this platform.

How To Install Tubebuddy
How To Install Tubebuddy

Similarly, Youtube is also helping small business to grow online to earn money from YouTube channel.

There are millions of people working on different niches on youtube and spreading knowledge with their experience.

Some of popular niches on Youtube are Tech Review, Vlogs, Cooking, Fashion, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Humor and many more.

This is also known as the second world’s largest search engine and millions of people come here for the solutions and knowledge.

Youtube also gives the opportunity to the creators to earn money from their content published on this platform.

It is not a difficult task to start a channel on youtube only requires few minutes to create a channel.

However, mostly people fail because they start upload videos without getting proper knowledge of Youtube SEO.

Youtube SEO Tool

Youtube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is little bit different from the google, as it has its own algorithm.

With the proper knowledge of youtube seo, not only you can get fast views on your video and also grow your channel fast.

If you are a blogger and you run a wordpress website, you might have used yoast SEO pluging for on page optimization.

Similarly, on youtube there is an extension available which helps for on page optimization of your video.

This extension helps to get more views and rank your video in top result pages of youtube search.

It will guide you to make a suitable SEO title of your video, Video Tags relevancy and the competition of particular keywords.

This extension is called TubeBuddy, you might have familiar with this extension, it works with google chrome, firefox etc.

What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is a power tool that helps you to manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel fast.

The software attaches to YouTube account to and provide you real-time suggestions/information on videos.

This free extension can be easily download on chrome and firefox browser.

How Tubebuddy Works for Videos

If you are maintaining your channel on youtube, there are different tasks you need compete in order to grow your channel.

Accordingly Tubebuddy provides you checklist of tasks to complete in creating title, description, add tags to video and thumbnails

How To Install Tubebuddy Extension on Chrome

First you need to go the home page of Tubebuddy or Click here.

Then click on the Install free on Chrome

click on “ADD TO CHROME” button

It will take few minutes to add extension in your chrome browser

Add your gmail account with tubebuddy.

Select your youtube channel you want to associate with tubebuddy and allow permission.

Features of Tubebuddy

1.  Finding Tags, Suggested Low competition Tags

Best feature of Tubebuddy is to find keywords related to your videos with massive traffic with its difficulty.

This keyword research tool will appear in the right side of the screen when you search YouTube.

Therefore it offers brief look of competition for particular tag along with search volume.

Tubebuddy keyword tool gives list of suggest tags with lower competition and higher traffic volume.

This suggested low competition tag is not only for video, but using that tag as focused keyword can viral your video.

2. Description Promotion

It also provides you to promote all other your channel’s videos in the descriptions of your latest video.

3. Thumbnail Generator 

Thumbnail is very important for each and every video, you have seen many times video get viral with click bait thumbnail.

 With Tubebuddy, it’s easy to make images for your video into a convincing thumbnail along with text and graphics.

4. Publish Video to Facebook 

Tubebuddy makes easy sharing your content on Facebook to leverage billions of users for YouTube subscriber growth.

5. Playlist engagements

TubeBuddy helps you to make sure that your best content is seen first in the playlists to gain viewers faster.

This is a great way by ordering videos in the playlist for video engagement and subscriber growth on the channel.

With the help of this feature best chance to keep people watching your videos and engage with your channel.

6. Canned Responses 

With this feature, a few pre-written responses will save your time by answering your comments

7. Video A/B Tests

Sometimes, you are confused about how title looks, or you want to add variation with different thumbnails.

Similarly, with the help of TubeBuddy you can do, just up to 2 variations at a time.

8. Brand Alerts Notification

Brand alerts notification, you can be notified whenever someone mentions your channel name.

9. Card Templates

While uploading videos on youtube You manually create Cards of new uploads but only with one click you can add videos on Card

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