Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount

Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount 90FT 5/8 inch Hybrid with Auto Rewind system perfect for your garden. Hose Reel Wall Mount is available any desired length.

Hose is unwound simply by pulling it to any desired length.

Patented slow Auto rewind system will retract hose at a slow speed which allows for a comfortable safe rewind, make it safer for children, pets and seniors.

Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount

Auto Rewind System

It simply gives the hose a gentle tug and the hose reel will retract all the way back in automatically.

No need to worry about the hose tangling inside the reel.

With its guidance system, the hose will roll up perfectly every time.

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Garden Hose Reel 90 FT 5/8 inches Wall Mount

Flexible in all weather conditions and extremely durable hybrid hose, ensure the hose reel leak resistant and long lasting.

The mounting system allows the unit to swivel 180°.

It’s also a quick release mounting system so simply lift on handle to remove for storage.

Working Pressure: 300PSI

Ready to use

It comes with 1 x giraffe 90ft wall mount hose reel, 1 x 6FT brass fitting leader hose, 1 x 9 pattern nozzle, 4 x tapping screw,4 x expandable bolts, 1 x User Manual.

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