Earthquake hit Southern California

Earthquake of 6.4-Magnitude hit Rattle Southern California

Earthquake hit Southern California
Earthquake hit Southern California

On Thursday, 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Southern California between Los Angeles and Las Vegas .

According to the United States Geological Survey, it is the most powerful quake to shake that part of the country in two decades.

The quake, struck at 1 p.m. Eastern has caused dozens of aftershocks afterwards.

Around two dozen flame and medicinal occurrences and the clearing of a few condo structures.

According to news conference by the authorities, no one was found seriously injured in the quake.

Kern County fire chief, David Witt said most emergency and rescue calls were coming from Ridgecrest.

It is a small desert area of about 30,000 residents that was closest point to the epicenter.

He also added that there were minor injuries, a couple of house got fires, downed power lines.

Further more, apprised that emergency workers traveling to Kern County from other fire departments to rescue.

He admitted that we have more calls than we have people for rescue and help and we’ll have a lot of people to help.”

Kern County Sheriff’s Office said that the Ridgecrest hospital and other buildings had been rescued.

However, temporary shelters are being opened on two locations, including a Walmart in Ridgecrest area.

Although, only a few people had arrived in in temporary shelters.

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